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Unique chewing gum containing Chios mastiha which is natural resin that grows only in the south part of Chios island in Greece and has been scientifically proven for its beneficial effects on oral and stomach hygiene due to its antibacterial , antioxidant activity. Since antiquity mastiha has been known and used as a natural chewing gum not only for its flavour but mostly for its beneficial health attributes. This unique chewing gum has a delicious taste with special attributes.

ELMA is natural and its flavor, color and texture may vary in production, since its confection is based on the most pure materials. Mastiha’s unique aroma cedes its place to its discrete taste rather quickly, as no artificial aroma has been added. Its natural characteristics remain almost unaltered because no artificial sweeteners, no antioxidants, whatsoever, are used for its confection. Those particular characteristics, as well as its hardness, actually certify its self-evident naturalness.