Shampoo for children or for frequent use 300ml


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Fine shampoo with mastic & bio chamomile, calendula

Shampoo specially formulated for children or for (very) frequent use. Mastic oil, along with the rest of the active ingredients of this fine shampoo, help to protect, moisturize and strengthen your hair. Cleans your hair and scalp drastically but very gently.

Use it as often as you need.

The hair becomes soft, strong, silky and healthy. Very gentle but really effective shampoo!

SLS free, SLES free, Parabens free. With allergens free perfume.

WITHOUT: Propylene glycol, Mineral oil & derivatives, artificial colorants.

With organically grown: Chamomile, Calendula, olive oil.

Suitable for children, or for very frequent use.

300ml (10.5 fl.oz) bottles